Value Proposition

Dynamic HealthCare Solutions is a leading provider of medical billing, coding, claims processing, accounts receivable and practice management services. We understand A-Z of medical billing and provide specialized services to meet needs of all kinds of healthcare practices. We always remain two steps ahead of our competitors; we continually test ourselves by dealing with challenging issues that emerge in medical billing. Our team consists of seasoned billers and coders who have amassed relevant experience in cracking the toughest of claims; we only have the best account specialists working for you who thrive on complex queries and account management tasks.

What makes DHS stand out from the competition?

Parameters to judge DHS In-house Billers Other Billing Companies
EXPERTISE Specialists team trained to handle unique requirements of each specialty differently Trained to handle billing of limited specialties only Most billing companies treat all specialties in the same manner
DEPENDENCY A fully staffed organization and dedicated account specialists available *24/7 to handle all your billing needs Dependence increases on a single biller to fulfill all billing functions Most billing companies may not assign a dedicated specialist to handle your account
INNOVATION IN PROCESS We track denials accurately and identify payer denial patterns that can be eliminated to ensure a higher return per processed claim Needs thorough and specialized training to handle account receivables and to analyze payer trends Most billing companies may apply traditional methods of follow-up which may not deliver effective results
REPORTING PATTERN We offer daily/weekly & monthly reports as per the provider’s needs Reports are generated only when asked by the practitioner Most billing companies have complicated reporting system and require providers to follow-up regularly
RELATIONSHIP WITH THE AGENCY We act as a provider’s revenue partner- ‘we only get paid once you are paid’ Fixed costs incurred to manage, train and retain in-house staff Most billing companies charge you per submission claim

DHS houses a team of highly qualified, experienced and expert medical billing professionals that is equipped to handle a multitude of challenges and provides entire gamut of medical billing services to providers across all states of the US.

Here are some Credible Reasons for Why Should DHS be Your Chosen Billing Partner :

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