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Medical billing and coding is a highly specialized area that requires knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Practices, physicians and hospitals have unique requirements and only the right team with medical specialty knowledge can meet these needs.

‘Most billing companies would treat all specialty billings in the same manner, but at DHS we understand the necessity and importance of billing each specialty differently’

Dynamic HealthCare Solutions has a team of experienced medical billing professionals with specialty knowledge to help clients extract maximum revenue. Documentation review as well as coding analysis is particularly important for every specialty. The expert professionals on board at DHS guarantee careful documentation, adequately explaining the work or service provided. With adequate coding, clients can achieve optimized revenues. Since billing regulations for different specialties may vary, it is critically important to have a team with the requisite knowledge and systematized processes that can specifically meet the requirements of different specialties. The professionals working with Dynamic HealthCare Solutions are certified by American Academy of Professional Coders and have mastery over ICD-9, HCPCS as well as CPT coding as per the guidelines laid down by AMA and CMS. With knowledge of industry changes, HIPAA guidelines, coding updates as well as billing regulations, the medical billing professionals can meet the specific and ever changing needs of clients.

They would review your fee schedules and make changes to the code sheet your practice may have been using for years. These small but effective changes will show a leap in your collections.

Here are some Credible Reasons for Why Should DHS be Your Chosen Billing Partner :

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