Shortened Pay Cycle

Dynamic HealthCare Solutions has dedicated teams possessing adequate expertise and experience in delivering claims on the very next day, ensuring that the revenue cycle is shortened. Our well structured A/R and denial management systems are designed to reduce outstanding money and achieve higher collections.

Quick processing and submission of claims along with diligent follow up ensures that practices and hospitals can achieve increased revenue. The A/R team is adequately trained to evaluate A/R accounts so as to identify uncollected money. Patient accounts requiring follow up are also identified. Adequate checks regarding claim status and appropriate and quick re-filing ensures that average days for Account receivable are reduced to 25 days or less. Logical processes and domain expertise allows the managers to remain involved through the entire process and establish rapport that can ultimately help in speeding of payment processes.

‘With DHS, you can expect your usual pay cycles to reduce from 60 days and above to 30 days and below.
It is the 90 to 120 days payable accounts that we endeavor to eliminate!’

Aggressive handling of denied claims and filling of effective appeals is just as critically important and can help in increasing cash flow. Trend analysis allows managers to have a bird’s eye view of the account receivables. Our managers possess the requisite experience and use the available tools to meet the unique billing rules and requirements of each insurance payer. Detailed reports allow clients to maintain control over the processes and clients can earn their rightful revenue.

Here are some Credible Reasons for Why Should DHS be Your Chosen Billing Partner :

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