Pricing Model

Dynamic HealthCare Solutions works in the capacity of a long term strategic partner for its clients, steering the practices, facilities and hospitals towards improved operational efficiency and increased revenue. Our flexible and adaptive approach also extends to our pricing models. Such flexibility in pricing aspects is offered considering the unique requirements of the clients.

Our pricing models include:

  1. Percentage based Model:

DHS understands how important it is to help clients achieve their potential. The percentage based pricing model is designed to put the requirements of client at the forefront. The price under this model is calculated at percentage of monthly net collections of the practice. Effectively this means the company does not earn anything unless the practice achieves its collections. Based on thorough analysis of the practice, past data, future projections and overheads; a figure can be determined.

  1. Full Time Employee Model 

Such a model is offered to clients who need dedicated staff working for their practice for certain number of hours and for a fixed period of time. With this model clients can be assured of making payments for services actually received.

  1. Credentialing Services

Credentialing can be a tedious process requiring practices to comply with requirements as laid out by insurance providers as well as regulatory government agencies. Getting enrolled into different insurance companies can be challenging and time consuming process. Dynamic HealthCare Solutions is a credentialing specialist that can undertake this challenging job so that practices can continue to concentrate on their core deliverables – patient care. Our team includes credentialing specialists with requisite experience and long standing ties with insurance companies. Our expertise makes us a trusted credentialing partner, providing services in all 50 US states.

We have a comprehensive Credentialing package on offer, the details of which are given below:

Option 1 Charge by Physician Number of Payers Total Payable
DHS charges $ 240 per physician, per insurance Recommended insurance list provided including commercial and Federal payers Amount based on  payers’ chosen by physician
Option 2 Charge by Payer Number of Physicians Total Payable
DHS charges $1800 per insurance pack When multiple providers from a practice want to be credentialed Determined by number of Physicians







* Prices can be discussed as per volume

DHS also has a robust infrastructure, software and tools and follows up-to-date processes in submitting paperwork related with credentialing. Our expert agents also undertake diligent follow up and track applications through to the approval stage. The credentialing services offered meet variety of service requirements including setting up of new practice, expanding of practice, insurance renegotiation, etc.

Here are some Credible Reasons for Why Should DHS be Your Chosen Billing Partner :

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