Billing Services (Payment Posting)

It is a well known fact that medical professionals running busy practices are pressed for time and to fulfill administrative functions like medical billing can be a daunting task. Sometimes this reason alone takes a toll on the revenue stream of healthcare practitioners.

Also to add to this conundrum, constant health care reforms are drastically changing the way medical billing is done. These reforms link physician’s reimbursements to quality outcomes. For instance Electronic Health Recording is now mandatory for availing incentives under ARRA. Likewise, documentation demanded under Medicare’s Accountable Care Organization model and the ICD-10 and HIPAA 5010 transition has also been transformed.

Additionally, the increasing volume of insurance accounts has made in-house medical billing difficult and complex. Even practices with an efficient billing system can experience claims rejection rate of 10% on the first pass and a greater rejection rate for more complex cases. Hence, various physicians are now looking more closely at improving their billing functions by outsourcing their billing needs to a trustworthy billing partner who can take care of their business side of things while they can concentrate on looking after their patients’ well being.

Why should you hire a medical billing service?

Physicians can benefit from finding a permanent solution to their billing woes. By outsourcing Billing and Reconciliation of Accounts (Payment Posting) to skilled medical billing companies, they can save on costs and revive their revenue streams. These billing specialists can offer cost effective solutions and help physicians to concentrate on things they do best: taking care of their patients.

Dynamic HealthCare Solution is recognized as a leader in revenue cycle management, specializing in delivering accurate, efficient and tailored Medical Billing services across all US States. We offer you a customized payment posting service which can be availed either separately or as part of our bespoke accounts receivable program.

Equipped with the most updated software, we have the experience and expertise of handling medical data of varied specialties. Physicians can expect flawless integration of their data as we apply the latest A/R techniques into our systems.

DHS provides you the following benefits:

  • Our team will accurately read and understand the charge entry process and EOB requirements, additionally rectifying any mistakes made by the payer, hence eliminating any mistakes in your medical billing process. Our expertise in accurately posting patient entries, charge entry and also recognizing any errors in EOB results in achieving maximum reimbursements for you.
  • We cater to billing needs of small businesses and independent professionals with our multi-client billing and invoicing software. This provides you a cost-effective and competent way of issuing monthly invoices, either by mail or email through our outsourcing services.
  • Our suite of software tools help in speeding electronic payments - by identifying, monitoring, and resolving specific problems, as well as recognizing billing patterns which improves your productivity and streamlines your workflow. Our software can be integrated into your billing system and provides you with a reference to your original billing summary that helps you to rectify consistent billing mistakes.
  • Our team of experts is experienced in handling various billing functions that help you to gain operational efficiency. Our financial team conducts regular checks for revenue losses which take place due to operational issues; we provide billing reports on a weekly basis. Our efficient system helps in smooth functioning of your medical billing at a relatively lower cost.

With help from our trained and certified billing experts, we guarantee that you will achieve:

  • Almost 80% -90% successful payments on claims submitted at first pass
  • 50% or higher increase in overall patient satisfaction
  • Reduction in denials approximately by 5 - 10%

Streamline your Medical Billing with our exceptional Billing and Payment Posting Methods. We offer services nationwide with round-the-clock online client access support.

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