Medical Billing Reimbursement

Faulty medical practices lead to loss of thousands of dollars every year. Outsourcing your billing can save you major costs and improve your cash flow. Dynamic HealthCare Solution ensures that you are reimbursed from the payer or the insurance provider after you have provided services to the patient.

It’s important for a physician to receive timely reimbursements. The resources, time and energy spent on running a practice can prove futile unless a provider gets reimbursed for his services appropriately and suitably. Every physician’s aim is to provide the best healthcare service to his patients. By not having to worry about his reimbursements, a physician can dedicate all his energies towards his core job that is to look after his patients’ well-being. With our medical billing reimbursement services, you can now say goodbye to the stress and aggravation of filing claims; DHS will help you with all your billing needs so that you can concentrate on your patients while we think of ways to expand your practice.

Determining which insurance carrier is responsible for reimbursement is a vital step in the medical billing procedure. This is very critical since sending payment request to the wrong carrier can lead to delays in receiving the payments. In cases where the patient is subcontracted to a government department, the government may be accountable to reimburse the medical practitioner. However, if the physician’s office sends the billing request to the patient’s employer, the chances of getting the payment will depend on when the government receives the information. We at DHS carefully look into each case individually and determine which party is responsible for the payment to expedite the process of reimbursement.

Dynamic HealthCare Solution offers Medical Billing Reimbursement services that will help you to recognize growth areas without having to worry about reimbursement delays.

Our medical billing reimbursement package comprises of:

  • Setting up of practice information
  • Filling of insurance claims
  • Posting payments from patients or insurance companies
  • Annual review of the fee structure
  • Online access to the patients’ records
  • Assisting you in better management of your practice by providing reports related to receipt analysis, statement of charges, adjustment analysis, statement of collections, accounts receivable aging summary as well as any added customized reporting that you require.

We offer exceptional medical billing reimbursement services that will allow you to save overhead expenses on taxes, salaries, benefits and office supplies. In addition, you no longer have to make heavy investments on medical billing software. DHS will help you with that too. Our experts will offer you advice on choosing a cost-effective software program that will help you to streamline your existing processes and will offer you greater operational efficiency.

Here at Dynamic HealthCare Solution, we offer you complete peace of mind by providing you the best medical billing reimbursement services available in the industry.

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