Medical Billing Milwaukee, Wisconsin, WI
Dynamic HealthCare Solutions (DHS) is a trusted name in the medical billing industry. We have been market leaders for over 10 years and have provided excellent solutions to providers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, WI. From entering patient demographics in the system to filling insurance claims and following up on them, we cover all the medical billing services that a practitioner may require.

Some services that we have on offer are:
  • Electronic claim submission
  • Thorough, relentless tracking of unpaid claims and invoices
  • Customized monthly reports
  • Revenue cycle management
  • HIPAA compliance review
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Physician credentialing, if needed
Medical Billing Milwaukee, Wisconsin, WI
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Our gamut of services can be accessed by physicians all across the US. We have a strong network of billing specialists who help physicians to meet their daily billing demands promptly and efficiently. We have been serving clinicians in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, WI for a long period of time. We understand billing requirements vary from practice to practice; hence, our services are specially tailored to meet your individual needs.

DHS makes sure that its team of billing and coding specialists is constantly updated with the latest industry trends and we track changes that take place in laws and policies governing different states and specialties. Our services are HIPAA complaint and are assessed periodically to ensure that they are meeting the required standards and expectations of clients associated with us.

Outsourcing billing needs to a partner like DHS can help physicians save close to 20% of their outgoing costs. We make your billing process as seamless as possible and apply the latest software and policies to ensure higher reimbursements for you. Our services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, WI have helped many care providers to turn around their practice and enjoy an increased cash flow. DHS is a trusted billing partner and will not only help you to streamline your existing billing procedures but also help you to identify new avenues of revenue generation.
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