Medical Billing Anchorage, Alaska, AK
Dynamic HealthCare Solutions (DHS) is the fastest growing medical billing company in the US. We have been providing billing solutions to clinics, hospitals, physician groups and solo practitioners in Anchorage, Alaska, AK for over a decade. Our expertise lies in providing customized billing services that suits needs of our clients.

Some of the services we provide are:
  • Data entry
  • Electronic and paper claims submission, and tracking
  • Payment posting
  • Denial and open claim follow-up
  • Filing of primary and secondary insurance claims
  • Posting insurance payments
  • Following up on rejected and under-paid claims
  • Accounts receivable management
Medical Billing Anchorage, Alaska, AK
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DHS offers a complete suite of billing services in Anchorage, Alaska, AK. Our result oriented processes are designed to help physicians gain maximum reimbursements for the services they render to their patients. We help in streamlining the existing processes of a practice and help in maximizing the returns. Our professional team of billers and coders constantly work to ensure that your bills are submitted timely and accurately. We have stringent follow up processes in place to ensure your claims are paid by insurers every time. Our professionals particularly specialize in managing aged, denied and difficult claims and we endeavor to have them cleared within the stipulated timeframes.

We treat your business as our own and ensure that your existing processes make improvement to your bottom line. Our high quality control standards and HIPAA compliant services will always exceed your expectations. Our world-class medical billing and coding solutions available in Anchorage, Alaska, AK will reduce your overhead costs and eliminate most of the routine paperwork for your staff, thereby allowing them to focus on patient services.

Our highly trained and professional medical billing experts have thorough knowledge in handling all kinds of medical billing and coding needs, and are fully dedicated to your practice. They provide you professional medical billing and claims management and are adept at handling complex medical billing issues. We offer flexible options to our clients in Anchorage, Alaska, AK; we work around their schedules; we integrate our solutions into the existing operational system so seamlessly that you will feel that we are a part of your practice.
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