How to choose an appropriate EMR for your practice?

It is important to understand that many medical practices suffer from cash crunch situations and therefore it is important for practices to implement efficient EMR/PMS platforms for effective practice management. An efficient EMR/PMS system is able to guarantee complete data secrecy as well as privileged access with the use of passwords. A well designed system is also compatible with a wide variety of operating systems.


How can EMR/PMS help practice generate increased revenue?


Stimulus Money

Providers as well as hospitals are entitled to receive payments amounting to $44,000 and $64,000 from Medicare and Medicaid respectively if meaningful use of the certified electronic medical record is achieved. Such incentives can be beneficial to cash strapped practices and contribute towards improving their bottom-line.

Improved Efficiency and documentation

The EMR/PMS software is able to allow practices to gain greater control over patient documentation. Since patient information is easily available, time as well as effort is saved. The possibility of errors related with data entry can be eliminated and so wastage of time and monetary resources can be avoided.

Savings on transcription costs

Several EMR systems implement voice recognition software or use point & click templates. This allows practices to save on transcription costs. Reduced costs automatically translate in increased revenue for the practice. With improved documentation the expenses on paper storage can also be saved.

Reduction of labor costs

A natural result of efficient EMR/PMS software is that practice can save money related to personnel management that may not be required. Such cost savings can be achieved in areas such as billing, front desk as well as in maintaining medical records.

Improved audit trail

A dependable EMR/PMS software system is able to provide improved documentation as well as a legible and dependable trail of records or a dependable audit trail that can be used in the event of malpractice insurance premium issues.

Improved reporting as well as patient communication

The EMR/PMS software system is able to provide hundreds of different reports that can track the operations in the clinic. These reports can provide assistance in daily functioning and thereby allow physicians and other users to provide improved care to the patients.

Improved service and security

With up to date and immediate access to records, physicians and practices are able to deliver improved and personalized care. EMR/PMS software allows authorized personnel to access the records and this ensures that privacy and security of data is maintained properly.

EMR/PMS systems are able to streamline the time consuming activities or tasks through the workflow management system and this ensures that the productivity of the practice increases thereby ensuring increased return on investment.

Of the hundreds and thousands of EMR & PMS that claim to be efficient and effective, you need a specialist to assist you to evaluate a good match for your clinic.

Some important questions to be answered before choosing the right technology are:

  1. Practice size
  2. Number of Administrative users
  3. Objective of the implementation of the EMR/ PMS or integrated system
  4. Technology proficiency of the users
  5. Data storage and security preferences
  6. Timeline within which technology must be implemented
  7. Budget for such technology

Having the above questions answered or knowing the pros and cons of making any of the above choices can help choosing the right fit for your practice.

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