Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare revenue cycle management is a comprehensive set of administrative services that facilitate healthcare organizations in creating, submitting, analyzing and finally getting reimbursed for services rendered by them to their patients.

We closely monitor the complete revenue cycle, beginning with a patient getting admitted to a hospital to covering his treatment till he gets discharged from the hospital. Dynamic HealthCare Solution works with clients to provide them tailor-made services that help them to respond to healthcare consumerism and to improve access management while accelerating the process of cash collection.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your billing to DHS?


  • Comprehensive Billing Services – Dynamic HealthCare Solution is focused on providing end-to-end billing services to its clients by ensuring process efficiency through innovative and technologically advanced processes.
  • High Accuracy – With a proven track record of high accuracy and excellent performance over the years, we guarantee to provide exceptional healthcare revenue cycle management services to our clients.
  • Quicker Payments – We strictly adhere to industry guidelines ensuring that we deliver the best quality healthcare revenue cycle management services that result in quicker payments with minimum delays and no claim denials.
  • Adding Value to the Business – We allow our clients to focus on their patients by cleaning up their account receivables as well as reducing their bad debts. With our impeccable healthcare revenue cycle management solutions, we ensure optimization of resources while maximizing your revenue. We deliver timely results with complete customer solutions that enable our clients to add value to their business.

Dynamic HealthCare Solution is a one stop solution for medical practices that wish to:

  • Measure quality outcomes
  • Improve their business
  • Accelerate the work flow
  • Recover payments quickly

Our dedicated and experienced staff focuses on matters related to billing, collecting full payment on all submitted claims, recovering payment on underpaid claims, capturing revenue from un-submitted claims and following up on small dollar secondary claims. We facilitate reduction in time that is taken to settle account receivables, while also staying focused on improving the collection ratio and increasing the probability of payments.

Our Revenue Cycle Management suite offers the following services:

  • Patient Registration – Once a patient makes an appointment with a doctor, we initiate the patient registration process by gathering all the information about him. The patient’s demographics are verified and finally the patient is registered in the billing system.
  • Medical Coding – With a team of highly experienced medical coding specialists, we strictly adhere to Insurance and Government Regulations for providing high quality medical coding services.
  • Electronic Claim Submission – Claims contain confidential information including patient’s data and insurance details; submitting claims electronically helps in protecting the data and in reducing delays.
  • Denial Management – Our team of Denial Management experts analyze the denied and under-paid claims in order to determine the reason behind the under payment or denial. Once the reason is analyzed, corrective measures are taken and then the claims are re-submitted for acceptance to the insurance provider.

Our comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management services offer an edge to our clients over their competitors by enabling them to reduce their operational costs and by facilitating an increase in their revenue.

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