Electronic Claims Submissions

Electronic claims submission is the fast, low-cost, highly effective paperless way of submitting medical claims. This helps to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your medical revenue management system. Dynamic HealthCare Solution team helps you to send e-claims to payers; print hard copies of claims and receive all e-claim processing reports. It makes the maximization of insurance reimbursement possible while also safeguarding hospital’s cash flow against any kind of disruptions.

How does DHS help you?

You can submit and access the status of your claims 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Also, your details reach the payer on the same business day. We give you a tracking data in the form of a real time reception report, an error report (if any) and of course a payer conformation report. Our team offers multiple levels of reporting as your claims move through the submission and adjudication process. Once the claims are submitted, our system automatically reviews all of them and returns internal validation reports to show up claims that were submitted without provider or group numbers or had inadequate patient information or incorrect policy numbers. When the claims pass our internal validation, these are sent to payers who process them and send electronic remittance advice reports along with the payment issued. If there are any rejections, detailed reports citing reasons are sent to the claimants.

The Advantages of Our Electronic Claims Submission Services are:

  • With electronic claims submissions through appropriate software, you not only save time but get to process professional as well as institutional claims to any format.
  • The Dynamic HealthCare Solution team offers you the finest customizable, web based tools that help you reduce paper work, mitigate your claims rejection rate and improve cash flow.
  • By implementing the finest electronic claims submissions system, you reduce the data entry errors and give patients a broader range of payment options including online payments. An increase in revenue and cash flow across your center is an obvious benefit of the system.
  • When you need timely and complete insurance reimbursement, it is important to send the claims in a clean and accurate format – the process of electronic claims submissions at Dynamic HealthCare Solution is devised for your convenience and efficient revenue management.
  • Our team helps you connect more closely with thousands of commercial insurance companies and also manage the reimbursement process for government agency payers.

At Dynamic HealthCare Solution we are equipped with advanced claim printing rules to take care of attachments for electronic claims submissions as well as an engine for workers’ remuneration billing scenarios and other special situations.

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