DHS- Leaders in Medical Billing Services brings New & Improved Solutions to age old Medical Billing Problems

Pennsylvania, 1st January, 2013

Dynamic HealthCare Solutions adopts a fresh approach, offering innovative medical billing solutions to individual physicians, physician groups and hospitals. The healthcare reimbursements are heavily regulated, and physicians and hospitals are left looking for dependable partners who can offer customized billing services. With Dynamic HealthCare Solutions’ inventive approach, physicians and hospitals benefit from top notch medical billing services and streamlined revenue cycles.

How can associating with DHS help you?

The solutions are tactically designed to ensure that medical operations of physicians and hospitals are streamlined and the medical billing requirements are fulfilled through innovative and customized services. With dedicated solutions, physicians and hospitals can be assured of improved productivity, increased customer satisfaction, better revenue and reduced costs. These services meet the unique needs of doctors and hospitals and are also affordable as they are completely linked to performance. 

What does DHS offer?

DHS believes in providing detailed information regarding the services or processes that are offered to physicians and hospitals. This absolute transparency in our processes ensures clients of guaranteed results. The targeted medical billing services and clarity of related information ensures that providers can take informed decision about partnering with a medical Billing Expert and hence concentrate on their core offerings and not be worried about the time-consuming tasks of filling, monitoring bills and other routine administrative tasks.

Through DHS, physicians and hospitals can enjoy personalized services which meet their revenue expectation along with impeccable customer relationship management.

Ultimately all physicians or hospitals aim to provide the best possible medical care to their patients, while ensuring that business efficiency and profitability is not compromised upon. DHS offers the right combination of software and technical expertise through its cost effective solutions that fit the requirements of its clients. Accurate billing processes, impeccable record-keeping are just some of the key benefits that you enjoy with DHS.

We Offer:

  • Our Medical Billing Services are available across all US states and we cater to almost 30 specialties
  • Simplified client registration and quote request feature ensures that clients can enjoy prompt response along with dedicated solutions from our team of billing specialists
  • With DHS, it is not just the large accounts that are considered to be important, but following up on small accounts is taken just as seriously
  • The medical billing professionals with DHS are seasoned veterans with an in depth understanding of the medical billing field and are adequately trained in the latest industry practices
  • We can define the financial health of your clinic within 48 hours of seeing your reports, this helps us take corrective actions to improve revenue immediately

Dynamic Healthcare Solutions is a leader in providing targeted medical billing and practice management solutions to physicians, doctors as well as hospitals. Careful analysis as well as evaluation of patient records, understanding of current industry principles and use of advanced technological tools has allowed the company to deliver measurable results and benefits to its clients along with consistent support for over 10 years now.



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