Account Analysis and Denial Management

Dynamic HealthCare Solution’ (DHS) offers practical Account Analysis and Denial Management services that has had a considerable influence on our clients’ growth in terms of the revenue collected from insurance companies. A positive conversion rate (of denials into realization) continues to keep the growth upwards. Utmost care should be demonstrated while following the billing procedure; however there may still be possible denials due to erroneous reports; but with DHS’s resourcefulness, even such denials stand a fair chance of getting realized.

This is how we believe our denial management process will benefit you:

  • Each denied account is taken up individually and reasons for which they are denied are analyzed. This individual analysis makes it easier for us to locate the source of error – whether at the beginning or during claim submission. Errors found at the source can be rectified immediately, while the ones found during the billing and coding procedure can be followed up stringently and resolved as a priority.
  • Once the error is known and resolved with due modification, denied bills are resubmitted with supportive documents provided either by the client or prepared internally. Our in-depth experience has proved that attaching denied bills with supportive documents greatly enhances the possibility of claim realization.
  • Resubmitted claims are followed up at regular intervals. The regular follow up is a proven way to know the possibility of claim realization. If the resubmitted claims show traits of being realized, we ensure follow-ups within the permissible 45-day-limit.
  • If the resubmitted claims are rejected again by the insurance carriers, alternative course of action is pursued which is to file an appeal; standard appealing forms are put in place for the claims denied despite resubmission.
  • We follow an efficient feedback process during the remedial course that is utilized towards improving the denial management system further.

With complete Denial Management in place, DHS has been able to turnaround substantial number of denials, and has successfully contributed to medical practitioners’ revenue growth.

Our Denial Management turnaround has led to an increase in revenue by an additional 30% !

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