Account Receivable Management (Insurance and Patient)

Why is A/R management important?

Account Receivable Management is an extensive and lengthy process. It can lead to loss of revenue for physicians if not managed correctly. Aging AR affects your practices’ bottom-line negatively and puts an undue strain on the resources. Therefore, it’s imperative to have dedicated staff looking after the AR process to ensure timely collection of revenue and to improve the cash flow of your practice.

Due to lack of permissible time, physicians are not able to follow-up on denied or delayed claims; it’s a challenge to keep up with the complex procedures of documenting and chasing unpaid claims with insurance companies. DHS’s Account Receivable Specialists are well versed with management of unpaid claims and coordinating with insurance providers to offer you the best outcomes. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated towards generating efficient results by making sure that your AR does not age beyond the admissible period of 45 days. We run reports within 30 to 60 days to re-file, gather additional information and chase up claims’ status with insurers.

Complying with best practices in healthcare revenue management, our AR management has developed with years of experience in this sector. Our proficient coding and billing process enhances patient and client services and contributes to shortened revenue cycles thereby improving your collection ratio.

DHS’s Accounts Receivable Management comprises of:

  • Receivable Analysis: Our AR specialists analyze the revenue collection cycle and establish payer trends to make sure gaps in service are covered to expedite the process of collecting outstanding payments.
  • Payer Follow-up (Insurance and Patient): Our team of professionals constantly monitors your account and follows up on claims with insurance companies and patients by phone and emails to ensure timely payments.
  • Denial Management: Our systems are designed to meet your needs and minimize denials and loss of reimbursements. We identify the root cause of rejected claims and payer patterns to resolve persistent issues by providing custom made solutions.
  • Old Accounts Receivable Clean-up: At DHS, a proper strategic follow-up is lined up to settle accumulated and unresolved Account Receivables. These strategies are put in place to analyze AR reports, reduce bad debts and to maximize medical billing revenue for physicians.

DHS’s streamlined AR Management is unparallel in service and expertise. We consistently work on improving our services and providing you best revenue management solutions in the healthcare sector that are complaint with industry standards. You can trust us to deliver timely, tailor-made and efficient results that will improve the collection ratio of your practice.

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